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在這裡你可以了解我們是誰,威勒比和斯旺蘭是如何形成的,  以及我們的目標和價值觀是確保患者與我們合作獲得最好的醫療保健。

查看我們臨床團隊中的人員和詳細信息 支持他們的員工團隊。 

了解我們的 實踐邊界、我們的場所、停車信息和我們提供的服務。


     我們在哪裡           醫學生          當我們關門時        認識團隊

Where we are                   Medical Students                 When we are Closed             Meet the Team




Originally based in Hessle, Willerby Surgery has existed as a partnership for more than 100 years - originally with only a small branch surgery in Willerby run from two houses (8-10 Main Street)

As the populations of both towns expanded the branch surgery grew and in time the then partners began to focus more and more in the Willerby area until, eventually, the branch surgery became too small for the numbers of patients and the doctors sought new premises.

The previous building at 45 Main Street was built in the early 1980’s on unused land purchased from Willerby & Kirk Ella Working Men's Club. Extensive alterations were carried out to the original building within about 5 years into what is now the current building.


The partnership agreed in 1985 to move from Hessle and establish their main practice in Willerby.

In 2013 the partners joined with the single-handed GP at Swanland to maintain services there - and in 2014/15 the two surgeries merged into a single partnership

Over time it has become clear neither of the those premises were suitable for the expanding population and the surgery relocated both existing surgeries into new, purpose built modern premises in new premises : Willand Primary Care Centre, Lowfield Road, Anlaby. HU10 7JR

As part of the relocation, Swanland and Willerby premises have both closed as of May 2022

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